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Погода на карте


Weather on the map

"Weather on the map" - a service for information on weather data and forecast now for 5 and 10 days. Service on the basis of data «Open Weather Map».
In order to find out the weather in the right place, you can "click" with your left mouse buttons on the map, or enter in the search box desired city.
Service "weather map" can be used for informational purposes only and may not be used for safety or navigation.

Under the map raspolozhny search form object on Katre and two switches with which you can display or hide on the map icons clouds and temperature.
Below are three blocks: the current weather information at the selected point, the table with the forecast for 5 days with a three-hour intervals and the table with the average forecast for 10 days.
The tables are filled with the forecast after clicking on the appropriate buttons "5 Days" or "10 days".
Using the service "weather map" You can always check the temperature, humidity, pressure, wind direction and wind speed.

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