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Yacht-Com regatta


Nowadays it’s very difficult to imagine our existence without computer, both in work and in rest. With development of contemporary technologies, main role of computer games in our life  is gradually rising.

Category of browser games online is the most democratic , because to such games exactly do not require to install  various additional programs on the computer. It’s always possible to get an access from any computers and one can organize multiplayer mode and long gameplay.

Yacht-com invites all yacht-lovers, take participation at the virtual Yacht-com regatta online.

Only Registered users could participate in the race.

Various regattas in different waters are available for players. Several regattas are available simultaneously.

Yachts lovers may receive great pleasure from yacht control, planning passing the distance, and also get a gift from sponsors.

For manage of yacht, virtual yachtsman have a possibility to change course and sails. Also, exist additional options, namely the: possibility to turn on autopilot for passage through the points, which were exhibited before, as well as possibility to turn on mode - retention the yacht on the permanent course, relatively wind. For the advanced yachtsmen exist the option “Professional sails”, which allows to use winds power. Option “Automatic sails change” allows gamer, to sleep calmly or make some work, while the yacht will be going on the outlined course.

To plan passage of online regatta course, you can take into account the wind forecast for three days ahead at intervals of 12 hours.

The map of the online regatta is scaled in ten versions of detalization.

Calculation of yachts positions – participants of the Yacht-com online regatta – is being made on the game’s server each five minutes.  Yacht’s movement on the course of Yacht-com online regatta is being made in the real time, with real speed and based on real data about wind, on the map which is very similar to real areas.

Each regatta could last from several hours to few weeks.

Races of Yacht-com regatta test in two versions: with individual start and overall start.

For gamer’s conversations, exist a mini-chat.

Any gamer may himself make some decorations for his yacht.

In the future’s plans is development the game – significant expansion of services for the gamers and different versions of the races.

Good luck to yacht-lovers!

Yacht-com invites all interested people and companies to become the sponsor of regatta!

At the present time the Yacht-com is accessed only in beta-test mode.

Remain with us and follow the Yacht-com news!