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On map


In the "On map" Yacht-Com collects services available on the Internet for yachting related and based on the maps.



Services "on the map" let you know the weather anywhere in the world by selecting the desired location by clicking on the map, you need to find the ship and see where it is, get acquainted with Charts.
The service "Weather" Detailed weather forecasts are available for 5 and 10 days, including information on temperature, pressure, humidity, wind direction and speed.
The service "Wind on the map" in addition to animating view map of wind on the "now", you can see the wind forecast for 5 days.

The service "Wind, waves on planet," except for viewing 3D maps animate wind on the "now", you can see the wind forecast for 3 days and map the movement of the waves.


Services "Sailboat on the map", "Hot map" and "Search vessel" based on the AIS system and displayed on the map in real time the location of water bodies - ships, yachts, navaids, port and much more. Each service has its advantages.
Service "Nautical charts" allows you to see the desired water area as it will appear on the screen of the chart «Navionics», which is useful in preparing for the trip or training.
In services "on the map" Yacht-Com plans to the extent possible, to provide additional features and functionality.
Services "on the map" are based on the mapping systems - «Google Maps», «Yandex Maps», «Open Street Map», «Bing» and information providers «Open Weather Map», «Marine Traffic», «Vessel Finder», «Ship Finder »,« Navionics »,« Windyty».

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