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Virtual Regatta "Odyssey 2015"


December 4, 2015 will start the next virtual Yacht-Com regatta "Odyssey 2015", this time the participants have to go through 4 stages of the Greek islands.


Yacht-com.ru invites all lovers of sailing to take part in online virtual regatta "Odyssey 2015".


Virtual Regatta Odyssey Virtual Regatta Odyssey Virtual Regatta Odyssey Virtual Regatta Odyssey




Stage 1 - "Rhodes - Lesbos"
- 260 miles. Start is open from 04/12/2015 on 12/12/2015.


Virtual Regatta Odyssey

Stage 2 - "Lesbos - Skiathos"
- 280 miles, Sstart is open from 11.12.2015 on 12.19.2015.


Virtual Regatta Odyssey

Stage 3 - "Skiathos - Milos"
- 205 miles, start is open from 12.18.2015 on 12.26.2015.


Virtual Regatta Odyssey

Stage 4 - "Milos - Rhodes"
- 475 miles, start is open from 12.25.2015 on 01.02.2016.


Virtual Regatta Odyssey



The best time riders on each stage is in the overall standings of the regatta "Odyssey 2015". Skip the participants set a time.


In a virtual regatta "Odyssey 2015" is set individual start, each rider chooses the optimal start time considering the wind, planning their time (when it is possible to control the yacht).

The regatta "Odyssey 2015" is available 5 waypoints, through which the yacht itself will move on the laid route. The option "Automatic change sails" allows the player to sleep or do other work while the boat will go on track. Option "PRO Sails" is available after payment. The cost of "PRO sails" 20YCM at each stage.


Plan ascent line - the regatta can be based on the forecast of wind for three days in advance with an interval of 12 hours. Maps online regatta scaled to 10 variants of detail.



A full list of all the Greek islands includes more than 1,400 islands, of which only 227 are inhabited and 78 islands home to more than 100 residents.

Each island has a rich history - ancient and orthodox, well-preserved monuments, monasteries and beautiful nature. Not surprisingly, the Greek islands are so loved by tourists from around the world.

♦ Ionian Islands - an archipelago, located away from the other islands in western Greece in the Ionian Sea. The most tourist island here - Corfu (Kerkyra).

♦ North Aegean islands are located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea and has a very rich history. However, tourism is not very developed.

♦ Eastern Sporades are located along the coast of Turkey, in the north bordering the North Aegean islands, and in the south - with the Dodecanese. Interestingly the island of Lesbos.


♦ The islands of the Saronic Gulf are closest to Athens and the eastern part of the Peloponnese, has developed the entertainment industry.

♦ Cyclades - the central and most numerous of the Aegean archipelago. Here are the most developed in terms of tourism of the island, including - Santorini.

♦ Dodecanese also stretches along the western coast of Turkey. There are notable islands of Kos and Rhodes.

♦ Crete - the largest island in Greece, located in the south of the Aegean Sea.

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