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Nautical charts

Nautical charts


"Nautical charts" - a system for viewing of nautical charts from «Navionics».

System "Nautical charts" may be used for informational purposes only and can not be used to ensure the safety or navigation.


Navionics - leader in the production of nautical charts, map database covering more than 25,000 charts and port plans. Vector diagrams provide all the necessary information for navigation, the image of the seabed and the coast include accurate and detailed local sensing information on ports and marinas, the tides.

Navionics - an Italian company, one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of cartographic products, marine and land maps. Its nautical charts are very popular all over the world. Navionics card installed on your chartplotter, the GPS, depth sounder.

The map has detailed information about the depths, placing buoys and detailed portrayal of coastlines and ports and berths, a lot of other useful information.


Navionics maps are indispensable in travel, participation in sports competitions, as well as just for fishing.

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