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Virtual regatta Yacht-Com

Welcome to Yacht-Com


Yacht-com.ru was created special for you, who like rest on the water.

Yacht-com it’s mariner's compass, which allows navigate in the sea’s facts, offers, numbers, names, events and in all along the line that anyway are bound up with Sailing.


In News section you always could find everydays fresh news from all over the world about Sailing, about regattas and cruises, about new boats and yachts presentations. Every day we’re making news about international exhibitions, circumnavigations, and yacht’s schools. Information regarding collapse on the water as well as novelties equipment for boats and yachts. And as for new documents which have been released from official yacht and boat organizations, that and a lot more you can find on Yacht-com.


In the gallery are published splendid and vivid photos and videos from around the world connected with sphere of yachts and boats.


At the our web-site you can organize own clubs, uniting yachtsmen who can use these clubs for communication, organization and coordination of any joint events: like development of routes, creating boat trips etc. Such clubs could allow people arrange meetings, share experiences and discuss any event in the yacht’s world. If you’re looking for a group of like-minded for trip, for instance, along the Volga river or Turkish coast  - just create your own club – where will be easy and comfortable assemble a team, make a plan, assign responsibilities and in the end you may release a report.


On the announcement desk any yachtsman or yacht’s manufacturer could free of charge give advertisement about boat and yacht sale and upload not more than six photos for each ad. Also there you can pertinently give announcement about purchase or exchange. Moreover, our participants have a subsections about yachts and boats rent, as well as for searching of staff. Please notice, that only logined and registered users can edit their announcement.


All users are able to blog on subject, interesting for them in Sailing field. If you want to say something for yachts community, just register and creating.


Catalog of yachts websites will help you orient among different internet pages closely bound with sailing.


Virtual regatta Yacht-com – Multiplayer online game. In sail offshore races could participate only registered users.

For members there always are accessible several various regattas on different water areas.

Yachts lovers may receive great pleasure from yacht control, planning passing the distance, and also get a gift from sponsors.


Yachtsmen and holiday makers can rest on the water. Register and use all opportunities of social network Yacht-com!

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